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The Innov8tors are an EDM and Trap music duo, located in South Florida. Music fans first and artists second.  they always kept a large collection of cassettes; cd’s and even some vinyl. They know what the people want to hear. It's no longer just about producing for them, it's about showcasing their work as an artist by releasing their own singles, songwriting, and doing remixes. Many of their most successful releases such as "Love Like This" and “Kiss Me Remix” can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and many other popular digital stores.

The Innov8tors also have publishing deals with some of the largest independent publishers, and licensing deals directly with networks such as MTV, A&E, NASCAR, Discovery Network, Fox Sports, PBS and VH1.  As The Innov8tors continue to release more music, one of their main priorities are to create more opportunities for themselves by collaborating with more artists, and spreading their music to newer audiences around the world.

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